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Mark Amburn

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We got your back!

Mark Landon is known for his laugh and full-of-life personality, as well as his dedication and passion for anything he does. He is a visionary who thinks big picture about everything he commits himself to, including his clients. Mark Landon has owned multiple businesses in the fitness industry: a personal training business, a supplement line, and a nutrition shop in Nashville, TN. He also owned an auto detailing business and a car sales business where he provided individuals and families with their dream vehicles. Mark Landon decided to transition into the real estate industry because he realized throughout his past endeavors in sales that more than anything, he loves changing people's lives and seeing the smiles on their faces after providing his help and expertise. He soon realized there’s no better way to do that than helping others find their dream home for themselves and their family. He has studied the real estate market through its ups and downs and learned to see things from a different perspective than most. He has bought, flipped, and sold homes before becoming a Realtor and is ready to help you with whatever your housing needs may be.
Mark Landon grew up in Oregon and has been to every state but also lived in Kailua Oahu, Hawaii, Washington, and Texas. After traveling at a young age, he decided to join the Marine Corps as a machine gunner in the infantry. He spent almost a year in Afghanistan serving our country and touring all over eastern Europe, including Romania, Istanbul, Bulgaria, the Republic of Georgia, Israel, and Jerusalem, training the higher authorities on foreign military battle conduct. Throughout his military career, he was promoted very quickly, reaching the rank of Sergeant in just 3 years, all while learning to see things from a different perspective and to strive while working under pressure.
Due to Mark Landon's extensive military background and achievements, he has developed a special place in his heart for our military and veterans. Along with walking anyone through the home buying process, one of his main goals is to help veterans and the active military by simplifying the home buying process with a step-by-step guide to investing in real estate for financial freedom or simply just achieving their dream home for themselves and their families. If you are active military, a veteran or a civilian, Mark Landon has the experience and is your guy!
While in the military, Mark Landon learned the 3 core values of the Marines: Honor, Courage, and Commitment. These 3 core values have led Mark Landon through his life since leaving the Marines, but he soon realized he needed to create a set of core values for his life after the Marine Corps. The core values Mark Landon now lives by are Honesty, Integrity, and Loyalty, and those values are what you can expect while working with him. His true honesty and integrity in every situation will put you at ease knowing you're in great hands, and you'll always get the truth from him; whether good or bad, he will always be honest with you. His loyalty to his family and friends is unmatched, and when you are a client of Mark Landon’s, you're considered both family and friend to him, and he will stay loyal to you until the very end.

When Mark Landon is not helping you find your dream home, you can find him traveling the world or simply just exploring the town or enjoying nature with his two dogs, Koda, a Rottweiler, and Jagger, a wolf.. yes, a wolf. If he isn't doing one of those two things, you can find him spending time with his friends, at the gym, or doing some physical activity. All around, just enjoying life because, as they say, you only live once. If you're ready to buy your dream home, sell your current home, or both, don't hesitate to contact him anytime and let him work his magic. You can reach Mark Landon at 615-961-4304 or

He is looking forward to working with you, your family, and your friends!

Mark Amburn
The Kupin Group
807 Bradford Drive
Nashville TN 37204

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